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HughesNet Satellite Internet

For those that live in rural areas where they can't get Cable internet or DSL then HughesNet® is your answer.

HughesNet® is one of the leading satellite internet providers on the market. The only other company that they can be compared to is WildBlue.

Satellite internet has been around for many years but over just the last few years the price has come down BIG TIME. With plans starting around 29.99 for download speeds up to 1 mbps, many rural homes can now afford to get high speed internet and take advantage of newer technologies and the joy of having high speed internet.

HughesNet® currently offers 6 types of plans ranging in price from 29.99 to 349.99.



  • Plans start as low as 29.95 a Month (Call and ask about current specials)
  • 10 GB 15 GB and 20 GB a month data plans
  • Gen 4 Speeds that are 15 times fater than previous HughesNet Generations
  • Zero Activation Fees
  • Free Installation (Most Areas

Satellite Internet is available EVERYWERE in the contiguous United States. It does not matter your location. With Satellite internet your internet connection is always on so it's ready when you are. No need for dialing or anything special. Simply open up your web browser and start surfing the web. With speeds around 50X faster than dial up you will soon wonder how you lived without it. Satellite internet does not use your phone line so you never have to miss a call. Satellite internet service also works with Windows® and Macintosh®.

When you choose to have the HughesNet® Satellite service installed you will get an expert installer to come out and they will install a small satellite dish as well as an Internet Modem. They will also hook up your computer for you so you do not have to worry about doing anything yourself. You can also share that one connection with multiple computers if you get a router. Routers are low cost and can be picked up at any electronics retail store.

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